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The Undoing Limited Print


Signed and numbered edition of 75.
Printed on demand, so please allow two weeks for printing and packaging.

16 x 20 in. (40.6 x 50.8 cm) – slightly smaller than the original drawing and a standard frame size for affordable framing. Printed with archival inks which means the ink wont fade to last decades on an heavy weight photo-rag paper, thick and soft, similar to the paper the original drawing was made on.

All prints are shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube, rolled safely in a protective sleeve. Because of the aggressive nature of the mail system, this has proven to be both the safest, and most affordable shipping method. All products are packaged by just little ole me so please allow up to three weeks to receive your purchase (a month for international orders).

To honor the nature of limited edition prints, once they sell out, they are gone!

Before placing your order, please be sure to read the shipping policies. Payment acts as agreement to these terms.

I appreciate your support and good taste!

Print Info:
We come in together, yet we leave separately; holding on to nothing but our memories and the clinging sensation of a life that was once lived differently. We mourn, turn inward, grow anew from the body left behind. We ache and dissipate, we transform, we heal.

Wolf Info:
"Wolves play a very important role in the ecosystems in which they live. Since 1995, when wolves were reintroduced to the American West, research has shown that in many places they have helped revitalize and restore ecosystems. They improve habitat and increase populations of countless species from birds of prey to pronghorn, and even trout. The presence of wolves influences the population and behavior of their prey, changing the browsing and foraging patterns of prey animals and how they move about the land. This, in turn, ripples throughout plant and animal communities, often altering the landscape itself. For this reason wolves are described as a “keystone species,” whose presence is vital to maintaining the health, structure and balance of ecosystems.” -Living With Wolves