Tattoo Voucher


First, I don't do custom tattoo designs or tattoos themselves, but thanks for thinking of me.

If you would like to tattoo my design from an existing artwork please select this option. I’m so honored you’d like a piece of my art with you every day of your waking life.

Once purchased you have my permission to select one design and have it permanently adorned to your skin one time by a tattoo artist of your choosing. I ask that you please pay contribution each time you get a tattoo of my work.

Because this is contribution no goods will be received. Tattoo artists typically redraw the work to custom fit your body, and because of this the image size on the internet typically has been large enough. However, if your tattoo artist needs a larger image for reference, please have your tattoo artist email me and I'd be happy to send them a larger image.

I’d love if you sent me some good photos once it’s all healed up!

This is an honor system, so just cross your heart, hope to die, and stick a needle in your skin and get a rad tattoo.