Made By Surrender - Limited Edition Print available Via Peoples Prints. Link below.

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Signed and numbered limited edition of 50
12x16 in. (similarly sized to original painting) Size includes border.
Available with framed option

About the print:
The first body, before all other bodies, was made of dust and sticks. It rooted itself in the dark unknowing and sat in stillness for multiple lifetimes.

Over the eons, the first buds appeared, expanding outward like tiny bones reimagined. And when the first flower opened, a new light burst forth and the second body was born.

Evolution is as much about unfolding as it is building, of watching something open over time into its fullest self and the additions and subtractions that naturally flow in and out of existence; the state of ever transformation. When the body fully opens, fully wide, visible, available and possible, this is where the heart, the third body, is born.

We were never built to know but only to give in to the blossoming at hand. We were never made by force, we were made by surrender. .