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Grasping the Moon - Hard Enamel Pin

$15.00 / Sold Out

45 mm, 2 color, Antique gold
hard enamel pin, smooth to the touch.
Double pin backing with grey rubber clasp.

Something to remember when wearing:

The world wants simplification. It wants order. It wants security, something clear to grasp.

But we are messy creatures, creative, and in constant flux. Our very natures are often hidden from ourselves, and we spend our lives searching our identities out.

As time passes and we grow into ourselves more fully, different aspects of our spirit rises up into the light. Much like the moon our being waxes and wains and presents itself over and over, a cycle of discovery and mystery. There is always a wholeness there but it’s one we can’t always see, so we must trust that behind the shadow there is a depth to be found.

Rather than clinging to our past selves, perhaps we could coil around the present; holding ourselves lightly and allowing room for those shifts to occur.

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