Keeper Of Malady Limited Print - 15 left

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Limited Edition of 200
Signed and numbered
12.5 x 20 in. (31.75 x 50.8 cm) – Size includes border

Made with gorgeous archival inks to mirror the original artwork and printed on a lush heavy weight photo-rag paper to last the decades.

Printed on demand so please allow *two weeks* for printing. You will receive a tracking email when the order has shipped.

To honor the nature of limited edition prints, once they sell out, they are gone.

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The shadow world has a caretaker, a keeper, a gentle friend. It knows every sickness in every body and it holds the memory of hurt. It is commonly believed that this creature is dark, a monster of ill spirit and malice, but according to the Ancient Wisdoms it is rather made of light and blossoms. It is a tender thing, with the embodied knowledge that pain does not separate us from beauty but rather binds us to it. It whispers reminders of self grace when things are just too hard, and sweetly reminds us how to bloom again from the darkness of the dirt.

Part of Unnatural Histories V at Antler Gallery, Portland OR.