I Will Soften Into Print


Open edition print
Signed, unnumbered
18x24 in. (45.7 x 61 cm) including border.
Standard frame size for affordable framing.

Made with gorgeous archival inks to mirror the original artwork and printed on a lush heavy weight photo-rag paper to last the decades.

Printed on demand so please allow *two weeks* for printing. You will receive a tracking email when the order has shipped.

Before placing your order, please be sure to read the shipping policies. Payment acts as agreement to these terms. It also includes information on packaging and international shipping time.

. . . . .

I remember learning that crabs can grow in one of two ways: they can shed less frequently thus staying small but allowing their shells to thicken, or they can shed frequently, gaining size quickly but the chiton is more frail. The first due to their small size are more likely to be attacked but also more capable of punching back, the second appear to be more threatening thus are less likely to be attacked but also frailer in defending themselves. This feels like such a beautiful metaphor for how we all move through our hurt; cloistering away with defenses at the ready or puffing ourselves in egotistic fragility. I wanted to create a new body for hurt, one where instead of repeating wounds, we can open and soften into the velvety skin of vulnerability, sometimes taking the hit, but learning and then choosing softness again. The compassionate body.