• Image of Cinder Song Print - SOLD OUT
  • Image of Cinder Song Print - SOLD OUT
  • Image of Cinder Song Print - SOLD OUT
  • Image of Cinder Song Print - SOLD OUT

To honor the nature of limited edition prints, once they sell out, they are gone!

Signed and numbered edition of 35.
16 x 20 in. – same size as the original drawing.
Printed with archival inks which means the ink wont fade to last decades on an heavy weight photo-rag paper, thick and soft, similar to the paper the original drawing was made on.

Because I wanted to make this print extra special for you, each print has a small drawing of a feather or bone in the corner, both to verify authenticity, and to make each unique.

All prints are shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube, rolled safely in a protective sleeve. Because of the aggressive nature of the mail system, this has proven to be both the safest, and most affordable shipping method. All products are packaged by just little ole me so please allow up to three weeks to receive your purchase (a month for international orders). I try to send orders out one to two times a week, but sometimes life has hiccups!

I appreciate your support and good taste! πŸ˜‰

About the Piece:

When I sit and think about the millions of years it took for evolution to create the dynamic array of species on this planet, I cannot help but be struck by a raw bolt of wonder. I gawk at how many micro steps, mutations, and happy accidents had to occur in order to bring each creature into existence, and it brings a kind of beauty and elegance to every living thing around me. Through the expanse of our own species, faulty steps have occurred that infringe on the existence of others, and whether this was done with awareness or by accident I have hope now and every day that we can learn to be better participants and use our own special abilities to better care for this soil beneath our feet.

This is a drawing of the grey backed hawk, a bird of prey that lives primarily on the forests edge in Peru and Ecuador. Because of the expanse of the logging industry and clearing for agriculture, 90% of this ecosystem has been deforested, taking with it the possibility for this and so many other species. These things are so complicated and have much more to do than simply caring for our animals, but caring for economic policy, basic human rights, and looking further into why this deforestation is occurring in the first place. I encourage you all to see past the simple arguments and look for where your day to day decisions are actually having. A much broader impact. Remember: Every dollar is a vote, and even if it feels helpless, there is so much you can do, even if it’s just picking what companies you support or don’t.

Sold Out